Saturday, 4 August 2012

Various from sketch book one

VERY simple observation of a lamp
in the house I was baby sitting for
Hmmm... a bit of a 'higgldy piggldy' post this one, but please 'bear with' (to quote the miraculous Miranda Hart!) because soon, dear friends I will have uploaded most of my old scribbles and I can start putting some new and more coherent posts up. Hurrumble!

Looking at the amazingly imaginative
costumes in a film called 'Bright Star'
 about the relationship between
John Keats and Fanny Braune.

Not quite sure what or who this is,
just playing with shadow and
what you can do with biro

Another elegant lady from 'the movies'
Helena B. Carter in The Kings Peach.
(Fell a bit in love with her hat!)

(sorry for the dark scan) An extremely very tiny
drawing of the lovely Emily Blunt as the young Victoria.
I know I am not very good at getting the likeness yet
but I hopeI have caught a little of her elegance!

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